• RokSprocket needs the RokCommon Library and Plug-in installed and enabled. The RokCommon System Plug-in needs to be before the RokSprocket System Plug-in in the Plug-in Manager
  • RokGallery needs the RokCommon Library and Plug-in installed and enabled.

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At MIAC Automation, we understand your needs and know that automation helps secure the long-term prospective of your investments in new process equipment.

All over the world, increasingly stringent requirements for safety and traceability, makes automation one of the most important parts of your process.

MIAC Automation supplies well documented and fully functional automation systems, based on open standards and accessible platforms.

With over 30 years of experience, MIAC Automation can guarantee top quality service on time and at the contracted price.

PLC Systems

plc systems02

Our design team has been incorporating programmable logic... 

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We have incorporated human machine interfaces (HMIs) in many systems...

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Switch boards

switchboard 02

Our motor control centers feature a multi-cubicle design and each MCC...

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Pc Schematic

Pc schematic 03

Electrical CAD software for documentation of key and power ...

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